Lawn Maintenance Plan Includes 


  • Mowing of lawn / grounds with our state of the art zero turns which ensure the best cut possible with no grass clumps left behind.

  • Trimming of all areas uncut by mowers, and edging of grass overhang on walkways, sidewalks, and driveways.

  • Clean up of all grass clippings / debris at all entrances, roadways, driveways, and landscape beds

  • ( Extra option ) - Lawn bagging / removal of all grass clippings


                                     How does it work ? ...


  • Lawn maintenance is completed once per week on a specified day weather permitting. If we are experiencing bad weather we will be out the following day.                                                                           

  • Need your normal maintenance day changed for a party / special occasion? No problem give us a weeks notice and we will be happy to accommodate 

  • ( Hassle Free ) -  Billing is sent via email or paper mail once per month. Online payments are available.

    Envisioning a new stunning landscape or hardscape for you home or business is a difficult task considering all of the different variables  ( types of plants, growth of plants, plants habitat, overall layout of landscape, quality / cost of material, etc.) With an expert designer working with you to create a custom landscape, projects become effortless. With our professional design software we will create and edit picture perfect landscapes / hardscapes for you. 

    A picture is truly worth a thousand words 

    We specialize in creating stunning landscape & renewing pre existing landscape design. Our landscaping adds beauty as well as value to your property        


  • Landscape design & Hardscaping 

  • Landscape maintenance & weed prevention

  • Removal / renewal of pre existing landscape 

  • Planting plan - perennial flowers, annuals, ornamental grasses, tree's, ground covers, etc

  • Mulch beds, stone beds, large rocks, etc

  • Bed edging / landscape border installation, etc

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      Brush-hogging is a service to promote field health, land / pasture reclamation,  prevent domination of invasive vegetation, and enhancement of land, meadows, fields, and abandoned property's 

      We inspect each site to learn the terrain so the job is done safely without harm or damage to the operator, land or the equipment.

     Planting trees is an easy and effective way to enhance your property, provide cooling shade from summer heat, wind protection in winter, and enhance privacy all while increasing real estate value. Since tree's are such an essential part of your property they must be maintained to ensure proper growth conditions continue. Pruning is a horticultural practice that alters the form and growth of a plant. Pruning can also be considered preventive maintenance. Many problems may be prevented by pruning during formative years for a tree or shrub. Trees that are neglected for a long period of time may need to be removed for safety concerns 

    Hedges not only compliment your landscape they can also provide protection from wind and create visual barriers for increased privacy. It is important to monitor their order and neatness through scheduled trimming 2 - 3 times a year. 

  • Trim new deciduous hedges in winter

  • Trim new evergreen hedges in spring

  • Shape established hedges year round 

   Fall foliage is beautiful to look at, but think twice before you allow it to accumulate on your lawn.  If you don't keep up with leaf removal, a blanket of leaves can suffocate your grass and block it from getting the sunlight, water, and nutrients it needs. Professional leaf cleanup will give your grass room to breathe and help it grow back healthier in the spring.  

    Pressure washing is one of the most visible improvements you can make for your home or business. Pressure cleaning also can get rid of harmful mold that can cause further damage to your property and also trigger allergic reactions in many people. 

  • Residential driveways and sidewalks

  • Plowing / Snow Removal for Communities

  • Plowing of Commercial businesses and parking lots

  • Sidewalk plowing & Deicing 

  • Salt and sand applications